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Bradley J. Strausburg

Bradley J. Strausburg

Brad joined our class website in 2012.  We were glad to see that he had done so.  It's profoundly sad to learn that our spirited, competitive, caring and intelligent classmate would one day resolve to take his own life.  It's a tough loss and lesson to remind us to take a moment to possibly make a difference in someone elses lonely and possibly painful life.  Brad:  We know you are forever pain-free and embraced by our God's relentless and compassionate love.!/Obituary

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10/05/18 03:36 PM #1    

Nancy Rybar

When Brad and Mike moved onto Priscilla Circle on the mid-60's our neighborhood group from across the creek up on Devington Circle and Bolton was infused with new energy. Our play games of "war" soon became equpped with real helmets and empty grenade casings from the Army Surplus store, and with Chip Ward, we filmed a short movie of our platoon making an assault on the foxhole the Stewarts had dug up on the hillside in the woods.  And our sandlot games on the open lot just west of the Priscillia Circle intensified with the new energy of the dynamic pair of brethren.  The Strausburgs bought a certain brand of cool from wherever it was they hailed- it escapes me now- and I recall a time when I heard some loud noises emanating from their direction one day- maybe a half mile off- to learn they had formed a rock and roll garage band and the lyric I kept hearing time and aain from a distance was "She's a-bout a mooover! She's a-bouuut a mooover!"    Yep, very cool!

Priscilla Circle was on my early morning paper route later, and as only a Sunday subscriber, I used to mostly pass their house and think about how we were drifting apart somehow.  My friends on Bolton were mostly Class of '70 and by the time of my Star route and Belzer, we didn't play War or pck-up baseball, and Brad and I weren't traveling in the same circles at school. I hadn't seen Brad since hugh school. I hope he rests in peace.


10/05/18 10:58 PM #2    

Joyce DeBaun (Eggleston)

Thanks for sharing the early childhood story of our fallen classmates, Brad Strausburg and Stewart Dewitt.   Our youthful minds were so impressionable to be in the bliss of those cherished fantasy moments!  

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