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•   Joe Gill  8/17
•   Cindy Hutson (Schwein)  8/16
•   Karen Barnes  8/15
•   Barbara Burgan (Howrey)  8/3
•   Sue Johnson  8/2
•   Terry Barber  8/1
•   Leslie Wimmenauer (Pfeffer)  7/31
•   Steven Updike  7/28
•   Susie Mosher (Cockerill)  7/16
•   Mike Adams  7/13
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•   Kurt Schmadeke  8/22
•   Robert Strangeway  8/22
•   Robert Carmichael  8/24
•   Joan Moorman (Williamson)  8/27
•   Patty Maris (Lowe)  8/29
•   Mickey Sheeler (Peek)  8/30
•   Paul Hilderbrand  9/2
•   Duke Brown  9/3
•   Robert Vivian  9/7
•   Janeen Hayes (Burrows)  9/8
•   Stephen Emery  9/11
•   Bruce Wuerch  9/13



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Lawrence Central High School


Thanks to artists, Jan MacDougall & Wendell Lowe for our poster creation.



2022 50th LCHS Class Reunion!

Friday, September 23, 2022

The Garrison at Harrison State Park, IN

6002 N. Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN  46216

Dinner Comp funds are available on           Contact Us Tab!

 Registration & Events Are Open! 

Covid-19 is a concern.  Our contract allows for rescheduling.  

  Fund$ for Fifty is Active on our Donations Tab!


Classmates Met Ric Light's $2000.00 Match Challenge!

Thanks Ric for Your $2000.00 Donation!

Sponsored 50th Reunion Dinners & breakfast is available to those who  ask.  Simply make a request on the yellow, Contact Us  tab.  We'd love for you to join us!                  Let's all Come Together!

The Bear's News (TBN):

Search LCHS Yearbooks since 1942 to present at:

3/2/22:  50th Reunion Registration Opened: 

50th Meet & Greet at Jockamo's:  Joyce DeBaun Eggleston & Merrill, Kevin Haase & Karen (71), Dave Fee & Cathy, Angelo Zarvas, Michael Birk, Kathy Garris Birk, Brian Hooten & Debbie Switzer (73), Mike Adams & Carol, Dave Hillery & Jane Nelson, Gary Richardson, Randy Sloan & Rebecca Sloan, Linda Sharp Myers,  Sam Bruner & Diana Bruner, Leslie Shoot Mounts, Sarah Arnholter Guider (25th to Register!) & Michael Guider, Linda Degenkolb Wolff & Lee Wolf (71), Jan MacDougall, Toni Benningfield Smith, Alfred Arnold, Leslie Wimmenauer Pfeffer & Karl Pfeffer Jr., Kurt Schmadeke, Stephen Emery & Dawn Emery, Rebecca Clark Tagliaferri & Cary Tagliaferri, Mark Crittenden & Vicky Shryock Crittenden, Jim Raquet & Kathy Raquet, Marsha Hall Morbelli, Greg Case & Warren Koelling, Judy Blythe, Barbara Burgan Howrey (1st time attender!), Cathy Krull Kirkman,  Bill Judkins & Sandy Judkins, Sally Fuller Neeld, Karen Barnes, [#44 to date!]

50th Dinner at The Garrison:  Joyce DeBaun Eggleston & Merrill, Kevin & Karen Haase, Bill Freije, Dave & Cathy Fee, Angelo Zarvas, Michael Birk, Kathy Garris Birk, Anne Hergenroether McGowan & Don, Brian Hooten & Debbie Switzer Hooten (73), Mike Adams & Carol Adams, Dave Hillery & Jane Nelson, Gary Richardson, Randy Sloan & Rebecca Sloan, Ray Strickland & Kelly Eubanks-Strickland, Sherry McVay McGuire & Michael McGuire, Patty Maris Lowe, Linda Sharp Myers, Sam Bruner & Diana Bruner, Philip Armstrong, Janet Sweeney, Keith Klotz Warren, Linda Harmon Long, Leslie Shoot Mounts, Tom Moeri & Susan Mathews, Ric Light & Connie Light, Ron Specht & Debbie Specht, Sarah Arnholter Guider & Michael Guider, Linda Degenkolb Wolff & Lee Wolff, Jan MacDougall, Betty Goss Uebelhor, Toni Benningfield Smith & Ron Smith, Alfred Arnold (50th to Register!), Diane Henson,  Jill Sommerman Eno & John Eno, Leslie Wimmenauer Pfeffer & Karl Pfeffer, Jr., Karen Marshall Luther & Mike Luther, Kurt Schmadeke & Janice Schmadeke, Shirley Nungester Kottlowski, Steph Emery & Dawn Emery, Robert Vivian & Nanci Peterson-Vivian, Rebecca Clark Tagliaferri & Cary Tagliaferri, Mark Crittenden & Vicky Shryock Crittenden, Jim Raquet & Kathy Raquet, Marsha Hall Morbelli, Greg Case & Warren Koelling, Judy Blythe, Sue Johnson, Greg Farrell & Sandy Birch Farrell, Barbara Burgan Howrey (1st time attender!), Bill Judkins & Sandy Judkins, Cathy Krull Kirkman, Sally Fuller Neeld, guests:  Damian Neeld & Lori Smith Kling, Susan Schwegman, Karen Barnes, Erin Lantry & Diane Lantry [87 to date!]

50th Breakfast at Cracker Barrel at I-69 & E. 96th St.:  Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Kevin Haase, Brian Hooten & Debbie Switzer (73), Dave Hillery & Jane Nelson, Gary Richardson, Randy Sloan & Rebecca Sloan, Linda Sharp Myers, Sam Bruner & Diana Bruner, Leslie Shoot Mounts, Sarah Arnholter Guider & Michael Guider, Linda Degenkolb Wolff & Lee Wolff, Jan MacDougall, Leslie Wimmenauer Pfeffer & Karl Pfeffer, Jr., Rebecca Clark Tagliaferri & Cary Tagliaferri, Mark Crittenden & Vicky Shryock Crittenden, Jim Raquet & Kathy Raquet, Judy Blythe, Greg Farrell & Sandy Birch Farrell,  [#29 to date! Please note that the breakfast had to be moved from Hot Cakes Emporium, To Lord Ashley's to our final E. 96th St. Cracker Barrel venue for more table space!

50th School Tour: Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Anne Hergenroether McGowan & Don, Brian Hooten & Debbie Switzer Hooten (73), Dave Hillery & Jane Nelson, Gary Richardson, Randy Sloan & Rebecca Sloan, Ray Strickland & Kelly Eubanks-Strickland, Linda Sharp Myers, Sam Bruner & Diana Bruner, Keith Klotz Warren, Leslie Shoot Mounts, Ric Light & Connie Light, Sarah Arnholter Guider & Michael Guider, Linda Degenkolb Wolff & Lee Wolff (25th to Register!), Jan MacDougall, Toni Benningfield Smith, Alfred Arnold, Leslie Wimmenauer Pfeffer & Karl Pfeffer, Jr., Kurt Schmadeke, Stephen Emery & Dawn Emery, Mark Crittenden & Vicky Shryock Crittenden, Jim & Kathy Raquet, Greg Farrell & Sandy Birch Farrell, Sally Fuller Neeld,  [#38 to date!]

Food to Avoid Request: Coconut (MA)

Food Allergies Reported:  Shrimp, Lobster & Crab (DHillery), Gluten (SAG), Raw Apples, raw walnuts (S Farrell

Funds for Fifty! (Unmatched):  We are grateful for classmate donations!   1/8/22:  James Humbles.   2/27/22: Anne Hergenroether McGowan & Don;  3/24/22:  Mike & Carol Adams.  3/31/22:  Dave Hillery & Jane Nelson.  Gary Richardson, Dave Fee.  4/7/22:  Randy Sloan.  4/10/22:  Patty Maris Lowe.   4/13/22:  Linda Sharp Myers. 4/27/22:  Phillip Armstrong.  5/13/22:  Keith Klotz Warren, 6/9/22:  Sarah Arnholter Guider & Michael Guider.  6/10/22:  Betty Goss Uebelhor.  6/18/22:  Leslie Wimmenauer Pfeffer & Karl Pfeffer, Jr.  6/28/22:  Kurt Schmadeke.  7/3/22:  Robert Vivian.  7/15/22:  Mark Crittenden & Vicky Shryock Crittenden. 7/17/22:  Jim & Kathy Raquet.  8/1/22:  Marsha Hall Morbelli.  8/2/22:  Sue Johnson.  8/3/22:  Barbara Burgan Howrey.  8/15/22:  Karen Barnes.

Reunion Events Cancellations:  7/5/22:  Sadly, Beckie Rawson Williams & her husband, Marty of Thornton, CO had to cancel their participation in our 50th reunion events.  We'll miss them and wish them all the best!  We'll hope to see them at future annual Meet & Greets to be announced by e-mail.  Beckie posted photos on her profile for classmates to enjoy!

8/15/22:  50th Reunion Planning Meeting Held:  The Garrison, Harrison Park, 12:00 p.m in Blue Heron Room, 12:30 p.m. Buffet Lunch.  Attendees:  L-R:  Angelo Zarvas, Brian Hooten, Gary Richardson, Bill Judkins, Kevin Haase, Dave Fee, Linda Sharp Myers, Jan MacDougall, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.

7/14/22:  50th Reunion Planning Meeting Held:  July 14, 2022, 1:00 p.m., Culver's, 21st & Shadeland.  

We Need  to  purchase or have donated to us  5-6 foot  bear mascot, on  wheels to gift it to  Lawrence Township Foundation for loan to any future LCHS Reunions!   Please Contact Us on our Yellow Tab if you have a lead.   Thanks!    Posted:  6/15/22.

6/9/22:  50th Reunion Planning Meeting Held:   Thursday, June 9, 20 22 at 1:00 p.m. at Culver's, 21st & Shadeland.  Jan MacDougall, Dave Fee, Angelo Zarvas, Kevin Haase, Brian Hooten, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston & guest:  Barb Austin with Lawrence Township Foundation regarding a gift from our class.

4/28/22:  50th Reunion Planning Meeting Held:  12:30 p.m. at The Garrison.  Attendees:  Bill Judkins, Brian & Debbie Switzer Hooten, Kevin Haase, Angelo Zarvas, Linda Sharp Myers & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.  Spotify music sound check was accomplished.

3/31/22:  50th Reunion Planning Meeting Held:  1:00 p.m. at Culvers at 21st & Shadeland.  Attendees:  Jan MacDougall, Brian Hooten, Dave Fee, Linda Sharp Myers, Bill Judkins, Kevin Haase, Gary Richardson, Angelo Zarvas, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston & Merrill.  Kevin & Joyce plan to text all website registered classmates to announce our reunion.

L-R: 1.  Gary Richardson, Angelo Zarvas, Jan MacDougall, Brian Hooten; 2:  Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Dave Fee, Linda Sharp Myers, Bill Judkins, Kevin Haase, Gary Richardson; 3:  Linda Sharp Myers, Bill Judkins, Kevin Haase, Angelo Zarvis, Jan MacDougall, Brian Hooten, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Dave Fee 

02/17/22:  50th Reunion Planning Meeting Held:    Culvers, 21st & Shadeland, Indpls.  Decisions made to open our 50th Reunion Registration!  Sponsorship is readily available, thanks to generous classmate donations!  Dinners will cost only $35.00!   This is a good time to verify or update preferred e-mails. 

 Enjoy a few photos of attending committee members from left to right:  Bill Judkins, Kevin Haase, Gary Richardson, Dave Fee, Brian Hooten, Angelo Zarvas, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.

12/28-31/21 & 1/8/22:  Thanks to classmates for Ric Light's, matched donations to support our 50th LCHS Class of 1972 Reunion!  Mark Crittenden ($50), Kevin McLeish ($50), Robert Vivian ($50), Ray Strickland ($100), Lisa Grepares McGuire ($50), Bill Freije ($200), Delores Lester Rich ($25), Beckie Rawson Williams ($50), Mike Adams ($100), Jon Cheek ($200), Diane Henson ($100), Toni Benningfield Smith ($100), Leslie Shoot Mounts ($50), Anonymous! ($50), Patty Maris Lowe ($200).    Go Bears!

Match Challenge Donations = $2000.00!

  + Plus Classmates Generously Exceeded Our Goal by $200.00!

12/18-12/23/2021:  Thanks to classmates for donations!  Angelo Zarvas ($50), Brian Hooten ($100), Kevin Haase ($50), Nancy Bless Gilleran ($50), Karen Marshall Luther ($100), Morris Ratliff ($50), Greg Case ($100).  These are outstanding!

12/10/21:  Classmate Gathering:  Quilt Raffle Offered by Sherry McVay McGuire!

Sherry and husband, Michael of Lincoln, NE stopped by Jockamo's Pizza, Lawrence, IN and met up with Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.  Sherry has made a beautiful, signed, all cotton, 68" x 68" quilt for raffle at our 50th Class Reunion Dinner!  Two gift baskets from Bill & Sandy Judkins are also available for raffle.   Raffle tickets will be $5 each or 6 tickets for $20!.  Donated funds are designated to The Lawrence Township Foundation for their ongoing support of our reunions! 

If you have raffle items to donate please Contact Us on our website.  

12/8/21:  50th Reunion Planning Meeting Held: 2:00 p.m., Culvers, 21st & Shadeland. Members:  Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Kevin Haase, Brian Hooten, Linda Sharp Myers, Gary Richardson & Toni Benningfield Smith 

11/26-12/4/2021:  Thanks to classmates for donations!  Linda Sharp Myers ($100), Linda Allanson Bromund ($200).  Thanks so much!

11/26/21:  Classmate Gathering:  Anne Hergenroether McGowan & husband, Don were in town during Thanksgiving week and met up with Kevin Haase, Linda Sharp Myers and Joyce DeBaun Eggleston at Art's Skillet in Lawrence, IN!  Linda announced that she retires April 30th, 2021!  Congratulations Linda!

11/18/2021:  Lost your yearbook?  Capture 1942 to 2006 yearbooks at the following link:   

11/18/2021:  Please keep your LCHS Class Website profiles updated and upload 1-3 favorite face photos or  e-mail them to Joyce DeBaun Eggleston: for a PowerPoint presentation.

6/29 - 11/23/2021:  Thanks to Classmates for donations:  Mark Davis $50.00, $100.  Mark said he's continuing to work with a son in college and a high school student. You Go Mark!   Anonymous ($50.01), Leslie Pfeffer ($200.00), Phil Armstrong ($75.00), Joyce DeBaun Eggleston ($100.00).    

05/30/2021:  Challenge!  Classmate, Eric (Ric) Light contributed $200 to Funds for Fifty with a challenge!  Individual donations of $50 or more will be matched, up to a max of $2000 through the end of 2021!  

Thanks for making this challenge possible, Ric!  

Donations can be made on our website or by check to

LCHS Class of 1972 Inc:  7626 Honnen Dr. S., Indianapolis, IN  46256

06/30/2021 Joyce DeBaun Eggleston retired from IU Health Physicians, University Hospital, Indianapolis, IN!  

2/17/2021:  Fellow classmate, Chuck Case was laid to rest 2/26/2021.  Thank you for your prayers for wife, Angie and children, Cassandra and Matthew.  Please post thoughts/memories under Memorial Tab.

9/16/2020:  Heidi Masters,welcomes letters to:  Highland Care Center, 4285 Highland Dr., Holiday, Utah  84124. She sends her love and keeps us in her prayers.  

09/30/20:  In the month of September 2020 we have received $300 of donations to our Funds for Fifty.  

08/31/2020 Mike Adams retired from his labors!.  His wife, Carol is retiring as well!  Congratulations!

Let us hear from you!  We'll post your news!  Be safe out there during Covid-19 pandemic!.  

06/18/2020:  Welcome to Ron Picciotti who updated his information.  

03/29/2019:  Ann Hergenroether McGowan wrote:  She retired from job as patient care coordinator at College of Dental Medicine, Augusta, GA. She and Don love to travel in their RV.  They rent out their home in Augusta, GA during the April Master's week.  Tiger Woods won the Golf Masters! 

May 2019:  Pam Stephens  is retired from her labors in Denver to enjoy family.  Enjoy & stay in touch!

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1.  Forgot Password? (PW) link to reset his/her PW.  Classmate (CM) goes to our homepage, clicks "Forgot Password" in the Log In box in the upper right corner.  This will allow CM to reset the lost PW.

2.  If CM is unable to reset PW, CM may no longer have access to the original email address, The administrator can log into CM's account details and change the CM's PW.  The PW is not shown for security purposes, but admin can still change PW.  Notified CM can then log in using the new PW.  Once logged in, the CM can then change the PW again, if he/she desires.  


Fall 2018 Gathering at Jockamo's Pizza,k Lawrence, IN:  Gary Richardson, Ray Strickland, Kurt Schmadeke, Linda Sharp Myers, Merrill Eggleston, Brian Hooten, Deb Switzer ('73) Hooten, Judy Blythe, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Jan MacDougall

45th Reunion dinner held Saturday, September 16, 2017 at

    Saxony Hall, 13362 Pennington Rd., Fishers, IN  46037

 _____Activities _____

Reunion photos are posted on the yellow tab: 45th Reunion Photos!

Meet & Greet:  Friday, 9/15/2017,  7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Joan Moorman Burris, Susan Kaiser, Mike Adams, Patty Maris Lowe, Carol Adams

Jockamo's Pizza, Party Room, 9165 Otis Ave., Lawrence, IN  46216

BreakfastSaturday, 9/16/2017, 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Phyllis Lewis Wilson, Kevin Haase, Gary Richardson, Jan MacDougallo, Chuck Case, Jane Nelson, Dave Hillery, Linda Sharp Myers

Panera Bread, 9145 E. 56th St., Lawrence, IN  46216

LCHS School Tour:  We met at the flag pole (once again) Sat., 9/16/2017, 11 a.m.

Phyllis Lewis Wilson, Gary Richardson, Janeen Hayes, Linda Sharp Myers, Marsha Hall Morbelli, Judy Blythe, Patty Maris Lowe, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Lynn Sanders (;71), Anne Hergenroether McGowan, Chuck Case.  The school was definitely something into the future!

7300 E. 56th St., Lawrence, IN  46226 - Our tour was led by Lynn Sanders, Class of 1971, Special Education teacher at LCHS

45th Reunion at Saxony Hall, Fishers, IN  

Thanks to family:  Krysta, Sydney & Sarah Eggleston for organizing our group photo!

Registered Reunion Dinner Guests: 55.   Goal:  100.

Donations:  $1960.00!  Goal:  $2000.00.

A Special Thanks for Donations:  Mike Adams, Linda Allanson Bromund_Jon Cheek_Nathan Coons_ Joyce DeBaun Eggleston_Michele Fraser Geller_ Bill Freije_Anne Hergenroether McGowan_ Linda Knauss Tickle_Wendell & Mary Herr Lowe_Kim Moloney_ Marsha Hall Morbelli_ Brian Hooten_Kenny Lewis_Jan MacDougall_ Karen Marshall Luther_Sherry McVay McBride_Gary Richardson_Garry Robertson_Susie Schwegman_Angelo Zarvas,  

Reunion Dinner Per person by check = $40.00.  Per person credit cards = $45.00. 

        Let's Come Together!

Registered Classmates to Saturday, 9/16/2017 Dinner Event:  

Mike Adams + Carol_ Toni Benningfield Smith + Ron_Chuck Case_Greg Case_Jeff Doll_Nancy Bless Gilleran + Mike_Judy Blythe_Jon Cheek_Joyce DeBaun Eggleston + Merrill_Stewart Dewitt_Linda Dickey Goshen_Stephen + Dawn Emery_Bill Freije_Kevin Haase + Karen_Anne Hergenroether McGowan_Dave Hillery + Jane Nelson_Marsha Hall Morbelli_Brian & Debbie Hooten_Susan Kaiser_Kenny Lewis + Shonda_Phyllis Lewis Wilson_Jan MacDougall_Patty Maris Lowe_Karen Marshall Luther + Mike_Kim Moloney_Joan Moorman Burris_Shirley Nungester Kottlowski_Jeff Phillips_Gary Richardson_Linda Sharp Myers_Rod Romeril + Cara_Mickey Sheeler Peek_LaRee Villines.  Conflicts arose for Linda Allanson Bromund & Carl, Brian & Deb Hooten, Michele Fraser Geller & Linda Knauss Tickle.

The Bear's News (TBN):  Dave Fee retired on Friday, September 1, 2017.  His wife is still working!

Classmate Gathering Held:    Friday, 4/19/2019.  Classmate, artist, Wendell Lowe displayed 2017 award winning art at the Indianapolis Art Center, 802 E. 67th St. Indps., IN    Attended:  Wendell & Mary Lowe & daughters, Ashley & Rachel, Angelo Zarvas & his daughter & son, Greg & Sandy Farrell, Michael Knight, Linda Sharp Myers, Merrill & Joyce Eggleston.

Classmate Gathering Held:  Sunday, 9/16/2018 at Jockamos Pizza, 9165 Otis Ave., Lawrence, IN  46216.  Non-alcoholic refreshments, salads and pizzas were paid for with class funds.    

Classmate Gathering Held:   January 21, 2018, 4:- 5:30 p.m.  Shapiros Restaurant at 808 S. Meridian St., Indpls, IN in memory of classmate, Kenny Scott Lewis, Jr., Clinton Brown, & Jan MacDougall's brother, Bruce MacDougall.  Attendees:  Gary Richardson, Ray Strickland, Linda Sharp Myers, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Kenny's friend, Charlie and Shapiros employee, Rick. Joyce strummed the guitar and sang Vince Gills "Go Rest High on that Mountain.   

45th Reunion Held:  Saturday, September 16, 2017, 6:00 - 10 p.m., Saxony Hall, Fishers, IN

45th Reunion Meeting Held:  Sunday, 8/20/17, 3-5:00 p.m. at City Barbeque, 9367 Ambleside Dr., Fishers, IN  46038.  

45th Reunion Meeting Held:  Sunday, 7/23/2017, 3-5 p.m. at McDonalds at 71st & Binford. Attendees:  Brian Hooten, Gary Richardson, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston

45th Reunion Meeting Held:  Sunday, 6/25/2017, 3:-5:00 p.m., Arby's at Shadeland & 21st St.  Attendees:  Brian Hooten, Gary Richardson, Linda Sharp Myers, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston

45th Reunion Meeting Held:  Sunday, 5/21/2017, 3:-5:00 p.m. at Culvers, 5525 N. Post Rd., Lawrence, IN  46216.  Let's do this!  Banking balance after Saxony Rental & Deposit:  $135.00.

45th Reunion Meeting Held:  Sunday, 3/5/2017, 3:-5:00 p.m. at Culvers, 5525 N. Post Rd., Lawrence, IN  46216.  Attendees:  Kevin Haase, Cindy Heilwagen Gregory, Gary Richardon, Brian Hooten & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.

45th Reunion Meeting Held:  Sunday, 01/29/2017, 3-5:00 p.m. at Culvers, 5525 N. Post Rd., Lawrence, IN  46216.  Attendees:  Kenny Lewis, Gary Richardson, Linda Sharp Myers, Kevin Haase, Brian & Debbie Hooten, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.    Next Meeting:  3/5/2017, 3-5:00 p.m. 

Classmate Social Held:  Saturday, July 16, 2016, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. at Shapiros Delicatessen at 808 S. Meridian, Indianapolis, IN  46225.  Attended by Brian Hooten, Gary Richardson, Kevin Haase, Angelo Zarvas, Kenny Lewis, Linda Sharp Myers, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.  It was so good to laugh with LC friends!


Brian Hooten, Linda Sharp Myers, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Angelo Zarvas, Kenny Lewis

Come Together! 

We are searching for a 45th reunion date and venue, possibly in the Fishers area.  Ideas are welcome.  Thanks to classmates we have raised $550 which will go toward website costs and reunion planning expenses.   Contributions can be mailed to:  LCHS Class of 1972 Inc. to home of Joyce Eggleston, 7626 Honnen Dr. S., Indianapolis, IN  46256

Share your passions with classmates! Update your website profiles & photos!

Post photos, converse with classmates on our closed facebook page:  LC Class of 72

The Bear News (TBN): Linda Allanson Bromond & husband, Carl have their own golf course at home near Ft Huachuca, AZ.  

Classmate Social Held:  Sunday, September 20, 2015, 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. at Jockamo Pizza, at 9165 Otis Avenue, Lawrence, IN  46216.  Enjoyed friends, food, atmosphere & service!

Brian Hooten, Linda Sharp Myers, Cynthia Heilwagen Gregory, Friend Michael Schlagman, Merrill Eggleston, Phyllis Lewis Wilson, Jan MacDougal & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston (took the photo).  Splish splash my birds were taking a bath on a Saturday morning:)

The Bear News (TBN): 

07/03/2015:  Merrill and Joyce DeBaun Eggleston celebrated 40 years of marriage in Denver & Glenwood Springs, CO  

2016:  In retirement Brian Hooten is the part-time Fire Marshall in Fishers, IN!

 04/01/2016:  Congrats to Anne Hergenroether McGowan who recovered from a jogging/auto accident with the help of physical and speech therapies.  Anne returned to her jogging group. AnneStrong!

2015:  Brian Hooten retired in 2015, but is working part time judging referees!  His wife, Debbie (LCHS Class '73) has 2.5 years before retirement!  Hang in there Debbie!

2015:  Kenny Lewis underwent chemo and radiation at IU Health summer of 2015 for colorectal cancer.  He has gained strength since. Prayers to stay strong Kenny!

Classmate Social Held:  Sunday, June 14, 2015 at Culvers at 5525 N. Post Rd., Lawrence, IN  46216: 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. 

Classmate Social Held:   11/25/2014, 7-9 p.m. at Culvers, 5525 N. Post Rd., Lawrence, IN  46216. 

Jerry Brown:  We've enjoyed having you at our socials.  We wish you and Nora well on your move to Nashville, TN area.  Congrats on the sale of your home!  God bless!  Jerry can be found searching Olden Guitars.

L-R:  Jan MacDougall, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Janet Sweeney Armstrong, Phil Armstrong, Dennis Hammons, Phyllis Lewis Wilson, Anne Hergenroether McGowan, Linda Sharp Myers

Merrill Eggleston, Jan MacDougall, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston

Classmate Social Held:  October 4, 2014, 4- 6 p, at Culvers, 5525 N. Post Rd., Lawrence, IN  46216

Participants:  Classmates Ray Strickland, Brian Hooten, Jerry Brown, 1st time Phil Armstrong!, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Kenny Lewis & Linda Sharp Myers.


Ray Strickland and Brian Hooten

Jerry Brown &, Phil Armstrong, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Kenny Lewis & Linda Sharp Myers 

Classmate Social Held:   Saturday June 21, 2014 at Indian Lake Country Club, 10502 E. 75th St., Oaklandon, IN 46236. 

Participants:  Debbie & Brian Hooten, Karen & Kevin Haase, Angelo Zarvas, Linda Sharp Myers, Debi Donarski Kappes, Jan MacDougall

Let's Come Together!

Classmates Debi Donarski Kappes & Scott Grantham

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success."   Henry Ford 

* * * * * * * * * *

Classmate Social Held 02/22/2014 at Chili's at 620 Birk / Lavenianan Ct., Martinsville, IN  46151.  Participants:  Classmates Tim Berglund & wife Toni, Brian Hooten & wife Debbie, Debi Donarski Kappes, Jan MacDougall Cathy Krull Kirkman  & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston attended.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Bear's News (TBN): Our website and domain name are current until August 2017.  Thanks to contributors: Sherry McVay McGuire, Stacia Elliot Ellis, Kenny Lewis, Nathan Coons, Susan Markley, Angelo Zarvas & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.  Excess funds will be applied to our 45th class reunion.  Venue to be announced . Let's Come Together!

Classmate Social Held 11/26/13:  Classmates, Anne Hergenroether McGowan & husband, Don joined us from Augusta,GA at Culvers, 5525 N. Post Road, Lawrence, IN  46216.  Participants:  Cathy Krull Kirkman, Jan MacDougall, LaRee Villines Milton, Phyllis Lewis Wilson, Gary Richardson, Kevin Haase & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.   Next social:  2/22/2014.   

Classmate Social Held 11/3/13:  Shapiros Delicatessen, 808 S. Meridian St.,  Indianapolis, IN  46225, 4-6:00 p.m.  Classmates:  Ray Strickland, Dennis Hammons, Kenny Lewis, Brian Hooten & wife, Debbie Hooten (Class 73), Jan MacDougall & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, 4-6:00 p.m.   

Bear Business: 

Please update your profile periodically & use the "Contact Us" feature on our website!  We'd love to hear from you!  

Classmate Social Held  at classmate Jim Miller's Noble Coffee in Noblesville, IN  

1. Wendell & Mary (Herr) Lowe, Debi Donarski Kappes, Jan MacDougall, Cathy Krull Kirkman. 2. Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Mary Herr Lowe. 3. Cathy Krull Kirkman, LaRee Villines Milton, Jan MacDougall, Wendell Lowe. 4. Mary Herr Lowe, Cathy Krull Kirkman. 5. LaRee Villines Milton, 1st time attender: Linda Sharp Myers. 6.  Linda Sharp Myers. 7.  Jan MacDougall, Wendell Lowe, Mike Wilson & Phyllis Lewis Wilson, Debi Donarski Kappes.

Classmate Social Held:  03/16/13:    Classmates Brian Hooten, Gary Richardson, Phyllis Lewis Wilson & husband, Mike, Debi Donarski Kappes & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston met up in Anderson, IN at Greek's Pizzeria at 6317 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.  Later we drove to Sell It Again Sam Antique Mall. Photos below:  

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."   Henry Ford 

Classmate Social Held:  November 2013:  Anne Hergenroether McGowan and husband, Don, visited Indianapolis from Augusta, Georgia.  Anne met up with some of us at Panera Bread in Lawrence.

Participants: Jan MacDougall, Kevin Haase, Jerry Brown, Anne Hergenroether McGowan, Cathy Krull Kirkman and newcomer, LaRee Villines Milton (married handsome William Milton, Class '71) & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston.  We appreciated the opportunity to see Anne and look forward to a visit in 2014!  We sent LaRee home with a Come Together poster, and one for Lisa Ellis.  Credits to Jan MacDougall & Wendell Lowe for the posters. 

Classmate Social Held 11/10/12:  We had a social gathering of classmates & spouses at Shapiros Delicatessen at 808 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN  46225 on Saturday, November 10, 2012  in the banquet room. 

Participants:  Jan MacDougall, Linda Harmon Long, Kevin & LC '71 wife, Karen Haase, Jerry Brown, Wendell & Mary Lowe, Jan Kilies, Cathy Krull Kirkman, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Gary Richardson, Nancy Bless Gilleran, Tim Berglund & wife, Toni, Stewart DeWitt, Kenny Lewis + a nice couple from Plainfield High School that sat in our reserved room!  Jan MacDougall, Cathy Krull Kirkman, Gary Richardson & Joyce DeBaun Eggleston went to the home of Jerry Brown to tour Jerry Brown's guitar making shop!  We all enjoyed our visit!

We Celebrated our 40th Year Reunion 
Saturday, September 15, 2012

10450 E. 63RD St., LAWRENCE, IN  46236

Classmate Meet & Greet 2012, (named by Alfred Arnold):  Our Friday, September 14, 2012 Meet & Greet was well attended at Indian Lake Country Club at 10502 E. 75th St., Indianapolis, IN  46236.  Enjoy the pictures! 

In Order:  Karen Magnuson Decker & Roger, Jan MacDougall, Wendell Lowe & Duke Brown  Kathryn (Landie) Landrum,  Gary Richardson, Stewart DeWitt, Steve Tatum, Earl Todd, Debbie Donarski Kappes, Scott Grantham, Cathy Crum, Brian Hooten, Linda Hyle Martino, Marsha Hall Morbelli, Kevin & Karen Haase, Anne Hergenroether, Phyllis Lewis Wilson & Mike


40th Reunion Meet & Greet Participants: Jan MacDougall, Anne & Don McGowan, Alfred Arnold, Scott Grantham,  Claudia Draga Grantham, Gary Richardson, Phyllis Lewis Wilson,  Mike Wilson, Cathy Krull Kirkman, Karen Magnuson & husband,  Kevin & Karen Haase, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston & Merrill Eggleston, Brian Hooten & Debbie Switzer (LC "73) Hooten, Beckie Rawson Williams & Marty Williams, Marsha Hall Morbelli, Earl Todd,  Kurt Schmadeke, Stewart DeWitt, Dennis & Elaine Hammons, Steve Tatum,  Robbie & Joyce Robertson, Claudia Groves Silvey.

40th Year Reunion Activities:  At least 100 of us attended our 40th reunion dinner at Jenn Park & Conference Center on Saturday, 9/15/2012!.   Sarah Arnholter Guider blessed our MCL food, Brian Hooten was our MC. (Great job!)  Speakers were:  Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Jan MacDougal, Karin Boertmann Ricketts & Stewart DeWitt.

Pictures by photographers, David & Krysta Eggleston:  John Saunders, Jeff Biggs & Terry Erotas Biggs

               Below are the links to the pictures taken by the photographers.  Just click on each link to view the pictures.  [Posted on 9/26/12]:

Photo Booth
           Karen Marshall Luther was unable to attend the reunion, but posted an announcement to classmates.  Thanks Karen!   Classmates can "Post Announcement" in the yellow bar to your left.  Let us know if you plan to drive through Indianapolis!  We'll be glad to get some classmates together to visit with you!

40th Reunion Paint, Patch & Clean Event on Sunday, September 9, 2012 was an outstanding success!  The place shines like a new dime!  A BIG thanks to contributors: Stewart DeWitt, Jerry Brown, David Brown, Dennis Hammons, Kenny Lewis, Brian Hooten, Gary Richardson, Steve Tatum, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Merrill Eggleston, & Wendell Lowe.   

Bear Cubs:  Can you identify some of these  grade school Bears?

Mary Herr 1st Row 2nd, Diane Hinson 2nd Row 3rd, Scott Morris 2nd Row 4th, Bill Freije 5th row, 2nd

 Bear Business:   Please keep your e-mail address current.

40th Reunion Committee Members:  Betty Goss Uebelhor, Wendell Lowe, Brian Hooten, Phyllis Lewis Wilson, Stewart DeWitt, Joyce DeBaun Eggleston, Jan MacDougall, Cathy Krull Kirkman, Kevin Haase, Dale Watson, Kenny Lewis, Gary  Richardson, Jan Kilies, Toni Benningfield Smith, Dave Fee     

40th Reunion Jenn Park Prep Day:  Classmates met up at the park & conference center during the day on Saturday. There were lots of bears in the woods! There were comfortable places to gather inside and out.  Food and drinks were plentiful.  Committee members decorated our site from 9:00-11 a.m.  Pictures are now posted for your viewing pleasure.  Check out the links and home page pictures!

ClassmateSponsors:  Susie Schwegman, Nathan Coons, Steve Tatum, an anonymous classmate who sponsored several classmates, Leslie Wimmenauer & Karl Pfeffer, Karin Boertmann Ricketts (LC Class '76).  These funds are greatly appreciated and will support our reunion efforts to Stay Together!   We keep funds to go toward our website and domain name, gatherings and future reunions.  Thank you!  Thanks to Jan Kilies for maintaining class funds and allowing us to use his PO Box number for our reunions all of these many years!

40th Reunion Entertainment:  Stewart DeWitt, Bob Cowan & David Brown set up for music entertainment by 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.  Classmates participated in some Karaoke that was entertaining! We stayed until after midnight and no one turned into a pumpkin!     

40th Reunion Announcements mailed:  300 postcards destined for classmates to announce our reunion were mailed out in June.  We generally did not send postcards to our web site registrants or Class of 72 facebook participants.  Many classmate addresses could not be tracked as hard as we tried.   We have received 40 RTS postcards.  Runaway bears could be a problem!

40th Reunion Art Decor:  Posters and logo designs for the reunion are a work of art by classmates, Wendell Lowe and Jan MacDougall.  Table decorations were designs by classmate, Phyllis Lewis Wilson!  

40th Reunion Opening Prayer:  In keeping with tradition, Sarah Arnholter Guider gave our opening prayer at the reunion dinner.  We were fortunate to have Sarah & Mike with us again.

Late Mayor Paul Ricketts:  Classmate and dear man, Paul Ricketts reserved Jenn Park in his name a year prior to the reunion.  Sadly, Paul died short of our 40th reunion.  Karin Boertmann Ricketts, wife of the late Mayor Paul Ricketts attended our reunion and eulogized Paul there.  Karin is a friend to our class and a 1976 LCHS graduate.   

Spanish teacher, Mr. Martin McAfee joined us!


Classmate Social Held:  Kenny LewisLinda AllansonJoyce DeBaun Eggleston, Gary RichardsonJan MacDougall, and Sherry McVay McGuire all met up at GT South's in Indianapolis in June 2012.  Linda was visiting from Arizona!    

Classmates, Wendall Lowe (Lowe Creative Art Programs) and Jan MacDougall (MacDougall Studio) are the artists we can thank for our theme, Come Together & logo!         


August 14, 2016 my husband, Cary, and I will celebrate 40 years of marriage in Denver, while celebrating the birth of our newest grandchild in Denver.  Posted by Rebecca Clark Tagliaferri 7/15/2016

Hi everyone,
Since I can't make the reunion I'll give tell you what I'm up to: Our daughter, Jill, age 26 got married in April to a great guy she'd known for 10 years. As with any wedding it grew to 225 people but we enjoyed every moment of it. Two weeks later our son, Jame, age 22, graduated from University of North Carolina, Wilmington (UNCW) and by July was moving to NY to work in Times Square for Theatre Mama. He is a theatre major/stage manager. We miss him but not many people get to truly follow their dream.
Mike is working for Nationwide Ins after the law firm he worked for down sized. That was a fun 15 months!!
I am the Administrative Director/HR and "everything else" for a large cleaning company. It's a J.O.B.
I can't tell you how disappointed I am that I (we) can't make the reunion. The stars just didn't align. Oh well... have a wonderful time and know I am with you all in spirit. Take lots of pictures to post on the website.
God willing I'll be at the next one. 2022 or bust!

Classmates:  I'll be sending out a notice of Anne's visit.  There may be others who can get together.  I'll post a gathering place for those who can stop in.  Joyce DeBaun Eggleston



Thanks for the email.  It would be nice to get together again.  The dates I plan to be in Indpls are: Nov 18th – 23rd.  We need to leave early on Friday, 23rd to get back to my husband’s family reunion on Saturday.  I spoke with LaRee a couple of weeks ago.  It was nice to reconnect with her.  I would love to see Bobbie Carmichael, Steve Smith and Paul Bodily.  All of them lived in Chateau LeMans apartments when we going to high school.

You can call me anytime on my cell phone at 706-830-7713,

Have a fabulous weekend!


Anne M. McGowan, MS, CM

Patient Care Coordinator

Georgia Health Science University

College of Dental Medicine

Bldg. GC Room 3234 706 721-2811

The list below are classmates who attended the reunion & dinner at Jenn Park and Conference Center.  A plus sign designates paid for 2.  Mike Adams+     Sarah Guider Arnholter+     Alfred Arnold      Maria Baseggio       Nancy Bless Gilleran      Toni Benningfield Smith+        Jeff Biggs       Sandy Birch Farrell     Judy Blythe           David Brown          Jerry Brown+   Greg Case+      Sandy Caulfield       Bob Cowan       Mark Crittenden+     Cathy Crum Bell    Jane Crum Seigel      Gene Edgecomb     Joyce DeBaun Eggleston+       Linda Degenkolb Wolff +      Jeff Doll       Debi Donarski Kappes         Gene Edgecomb        Stephen Emery       Terry Erotas Biggs      Greg Farrell      Dave Fee      Bill Freije     Sally Fuller Neeld+       Daniel Goris+      Claudia Groves Silvey+     Kevin Haase+    Marsha Hall Morbelli      Dennis Hammons+       Diana Hargis Beaty     Donna Hargis Carey     Julie Hartley Rollins     Beth Henderson Grafton      Diane Henson        Ann Hergenroether McGowan+      Steve Herndon      Mary Herr Lowe      Sandra Hibner Bledsoe+       Paul Hilderbrand        Brian Hooten+     Beverly Hoskins Wood      Lynda Hyle Martino!       Cathy Krull Kirkman     Kathryn Landon Malone     Kenny Lewis     Phyllis Lewis Wilson+    Linda Harmon Long    Wendell Lowe       Jan MacDougall     Karen Magnuson Decker+     Patty Maris Lowe+     Sherry McVay McGuire+     Shirley Nungester Kottlowski      Jeff Phillips      Morris Ratliff+     Beckie Rawson Williams+     Gary Richardson     Karin  (Boertman) Ricketts, LC Class ‘74 (Wife of the late Paul Ricketts)  Karin gifted Paul's ticket to Stewart DeWitt     Gary Rollins      John Saunders      Kurt Schmadeke+       Mickey Sheeler Peek     James Sholty     Debra Spangle Scott       Ray Strickland+      Olea Theaman Wood-Kersey     Earl Todd      Doris Williams Albright     Keith Wood     Angelo Zarvas

If you favor staying in touch with classmates and are interested in future events, please consider supporting our Class Creator web site expense and class fund.  The committee voted favorably to maintain the web site to stay in touch with classmate friends.  A check can be mailed to to following:  LCHS Class Reunion Attn:  Jan Kilies at P.O. Box 421489, Indianapolis, IN  46242.  Please leave your address & phone number with the check so that we can acknowledge your gift.  Please also designate the gift reason on the check, so that funds can be allocated.  Thanks for your support and staying in touch!

40th Reunion Committee Members  


Great to see all the new classmates joining the web site. For anyone interested, we have a Facebook Group page for our class. If anyone wants to join, send me a friend request and I will add you.
Kevin Haase

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