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Charlie Popejoy

Charlie was an early friend whom I first met at Belzer Middle School.  He had such a fun and free spirit about him.  I had never met such a beautiful and caring person as Charlie.  He was full of life and charged ahead.   He was creative and had a flare for art.  He had a fun side that made you laugh.  I recall wearing a skirt one day and apparently my slip hung down just enough for him to grab it and pull it down while he went rushing by!  This was funny and embarrassing at the same time, and still memorable today!  I lived away for many years and upon returning I learned that he had died.  I would have rather been able to laugh with him again at a reunion, but instead I shared this memory so that you could get a sense of the friend that Charlie was.   

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10/05/19 02:15 PM #1    

Anne Hergenroether (McGowan)

Charlie Popejoy was a dear friend.  We lived very close together at Cheateu LeMans apartments.  He even wrote a song for me.  fifthteen years of age in a time that was so new, was some of the words I can remember. We could talk about anything together.  He helped me to see the other side of a person or situation.  Which is good to do and be open minded to other ways of thinking.  I remember his family.  His mother was very sick and died of cancer.  He had a wonderful sister that got married.  His brother raised him after his mother pasted away. Charlie went through many hard changes in his life.  But he was always funny and loved everyone.  Charlie I miss you and will always remember you forever. 

10/12/19 11:33 PM #2    

Joyce DeBaun (Eggleston)

Anne:  It's thoughtful of you to speak up about Charlie and to mention some of the reasons his spirit lives on in our hearts and minds.  Joyce DeBaun Eggleston

10/13/19 12:46 PM #3    

Lisa Grepares (McGuire)

Anne, thank you for your beautiful tribute to Charlie. He was a very special, unique spirit; more independent and creative than many of us could dare to be. I think we were freshmen when he took me to a Donovan concert. He was wearing a beautiful blue velvet jacket and white shirt with a  huge, flowing ruffle down the front. I went to a party he had and I remember him playing "Incense & Peppermints," saying how he loved that new song! The world could have used more of his fine gifts. He left us too soon.

10/15/19 03:01 PM #4    

Anne Hergenroether (McGowan)

Joyce: Charlie will live in our hearts and minds forever, I agree!  Lisa: You have many fond memories of Charlie. To remember what he wore on your date.  Wow.  I know that Charlie loved you very much, Lisa.  He had many gifts and one was love. 



10/16/19 09:17 AM #5    

Nancy Bless (Gilleran)

I remember going to Riverside Park with Charlie, I think we were freshmen.  We laughed so hard we cried.  Walking around eating, riding rides and people watching!  Charlie had such a humorous take on the world around.  I hope Grace followed him through his life!

10/17/19 01:38 PM #6    

Lisa Grepares (McGuire)

Thank you, Anne.

05/31/22 12:48 PM #7    

Robert Barker (Barker)

I didn't see a place to post it, but Charlie died in 1995. Anne, Steve Smith, Bobby Carmichael, myself, all lived at the Chateau Lemans apartment complex. Charlie was a lot of fun, and introduced me to some great artists, like Janis Joplin. He loved to play his acoustic guitar, especially songs like 'Season of the Witch'. He was very mischievous. Very adventurous. Him and Chuck Irwin (is his profile on here?) took and went to either Montreal or Toronto to check out the hippy scene there in the spring of '70. I last saw him a few months before he passed. I was living in Los Angeles by then. He was quite serious. He asked me about Shobha, the girl I moved out west with. It was unlike him to be that way. I had no idea how ill he was. I hope him and Vicky Buck, a mutual friend of ours, are having fun wherever we go when this ends.

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