In Memory

Charmaine LaPorte

Charmaine was an absolute delight in high school and stayed in touch at reunions throughout the years.  Her personality lived bigger than life.  She would call you out when she saw you like you were a long, lost friend (even in high school!)  LOL.  I think that's what made her personality so lively.  Like the song from Cheers, "You want to go where everybody knows your name!"  To see her over the years and hear her old familiar greeting made you smile and want to sit right down, like friends do, and catch up.  I want to think that I saw her at the 25th, but I'm not sure about the 30th.  Does anyone recall?  I believe it was somewhere in those years that  someone informed me that Charmaine had left us for her eternal home.  Gone but not forgotten dear friend.